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MIDIBrute by Numerical Audio – An iOS app to configure your MicroBrute or MiniBrute


I’ve slowly started dipping my toes into the world of hardware synths. While I had been exclusively iOS for many years (with the exception of my guitars, of course), I had managed to resist the siren song of analog synths. Until, I finally bought an Arturia MicroBrute earlier this year. A great synthesizer at an Rock On →

Brute LFO – A modulation app for your analog synths


Ever since buying an iPad, and delving deep into the world of iOS synth apps, I’ve fought a heroic battle to stay away from hardware synths. I’m up to my eyeballs in synth apps, so why would I need to descend into the money pit of analog synths. I’ve been good…up until I watched the Rock On →