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midiSTEPs – The new MIDI step sequencer from developer Art Kerns


After releasing midiLFOs in July of 2015 (review here), developer Art Kerns has released the another in his series of MIDI apps, called midiSTEPs. As the name implies, this app is a step sequencer app that sends MIDI out to your iOS and external synths. Check out the video below. As you can see from Rock On →

Midiflow – An incredibly full-featured MIDI utility app


Midiflow by developer Johannes Doerr has been available for some time, so this isn’t a typical “new” app review. Quite frankly, MIDI has always been a bit of a mystery to me, so I’d stayed away from this app. Most if not all of my iOS tracks have been live recordings layered on top of Rock On →

DrumKick gets a great new update – Check out the video!


Developer Mark Jeschke just updated his great app DrumKick to version 1.1.8. With this update, DrumKick is now compatible with MIDI foot controllers, such as the iRig Blueboard or the Keith McMillen SoftStep. Here is an awesome video of Mark busking in the streets on DrumKick, along with some guitar. Check out the use of Rock On →

Oscilab gets another great update – MIDI Note and CC out and now Universal!


I’ve written several times now about Oscilab, the sequencer/synth/drum machine/”all-in-one” app from developers 2Beat (check here for the review, here for some user sounds, and here for Ryan’s video demo). Well, today we got a bit of a surprise with a big new update. Not only is the app now Universal (previously only iPad), but Oscilab Rock On →

Diode-108 gets a big first update – MIDI sync and note in, Audioshare and Audiocopy, and more


Diode-108 just got a big, big update, bringing in MIDI sync, MIDI in, and improved options for bringing in your own samples. Here’s the new Press Release straight from the Vibrant Digital Engineering. Vibrant Digital Engineering releases version 1.1.0 of its acclaimed Diode-108 Drum Machine for iPadVibrant’s Diode-108 gets a variety of new features with Rock On →

TC-Orbiter – A new MIDI iPhone controller for TC-11 and TC-Data


Bit Shape Software, the developers behind the extraordinary TC-11 and TC-Data apps, have released a new app that allows you to use your iPhone as a motion controller. Called TC-Orbiter, the small app uses the gyroscope and accelerometer of the iPhone to transmit MIDI signals to your iPad. If you’ve played with TC-11 before, you Rock On →

Weeel! from Klevgränd is released – MIDI pitch bend and modulation control from your iOS device

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The developers over at Klevgränd have just released another new app, this one with the whimsical name Weeel!. Designed as a X/Y pad to control pitch bend and modulation for hardware devices that may lack a physical wheel to do this. Here is there launch video, which (sort of) shows off the app: As you Rock On →

Using iFretless Guitar as a MIDI controller for BM2


A tutorial on how to control BM2 keyboard sampler using iFretless guitar running it through Ampkit using audiobus.

Using the BeatMaker2 midi editor to sync up apps in Audiobus


In this video I show you how to use the BeatMaker2 midi editor to create songs, send them to “auto play” your favourite apps and record the results back into BeatMaker2 with the magic of Audiobus. You can use any app that supports virtual midi but in this video I use Animoog and DrumJam.

Using PolyChord to control multiple apps with virtual MIDI and Audiobus


In this tutorial I show how to use PolyChord to control Multiple apps using virtual MIDI and audiobus. I control DrumJam, BeatMaker2, and iPolySix all at once with a simple interface.