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Audulus 3 has arrived – The massive modular synth app is here


If you’re familiar with modular synths, you’re no doubt familiar with Audulus. It is a massive modular synth app that is universal to both iPhone and iPad, but also Mac (and coming soon to Windows). The newest version of the app has just been released today, called Audulus 3. Check out the launch video: Here’s just Rock On →

AnalogKit review – A new modular app for hackers, pros, and beginners


The developers Bitcount Ltd. have recently released a new app call AnalogKit. Billed as a “music hacker’s paradise”, the app aims to please both experienced modular synth users as well as those who just love to experiment. Knowing that I fall more into the latter category, I was eager to take AnalogKit for a spin. Rock On →

zMors Modular review – A new modular synth from Sven Braun


Modular synthesizer. How do those words make you feel? Did you get excited? Or did you feel overwhelmed? Admittedly, I usually fall into the latter camp. I have no experience with physical modular synths, and my knowledge of sound synthesis has only just started growing in the past few years, thanks to my iPad. Sven Rock On →

Modal Pro review- New modular synthesizer from dango Inc.


If you’re like me, the world of modular synthesis is a strange, mysterious world. Admittedly, as a guitarist, I know more about UFO’s than LFO’s. If someone mentions “sine”, I immediately think about high school trigonometry classes. Since coming to the world of iOS music apps, I’ve amassed a considerable number of virtual synths. And Rock On →