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Dream Album #1: The Supersonic Tartan Dream Album

stdm album

This is the start of a new series. Well-known iOS Musicians compile an album of their favourite iOS music. First in a -hopefully- long row of “Dream Albums” is Jeff McCarthy AKA Supersonic Tartan Death Machine. Jeff has just released two solo albums and one as a member of Dun Aenghus (together with Guy Beeri Mauseth Rock On →

Music: Life on Mars released! – Music from the iOS community to help save iOS MARS!


Well known ios musician Martin Neuhold organized this compilation in an effort to raise funds to help save iOS MARS. The response was huge! Within one day we’ve been able to put together 2 full albums of music. And it’s really good too! All made on iOS devices! There should be a volume 3 shortly Rock On →

C.24 A keyboard and case for iPad – coming soon

The C.24 iPad KB & Case

I woke up today to an email from a rep at a company called Miselu. They have created a new music keyboard with a bit of a twist to what we are used to, this Keyboard is also an iPad case and folds down to a thickness about the size of an iPad. This looks Rock On →

The Top 3 Music Utility Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


Here is a quick demo of what I think are the Top 3 musical utility apps are for iOS that no serious iOS musician should be without. I take a little time to explain some of what each app can do. 1. Audiobus 2. Audioshare 3. MidiBridge