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Derek Buddemeyer – Moving On (Farewell)


Here is a great song by Derek Buddemeyer. Done entirely in Nanostudio

Derek Buddemeyer – Spring Fling


Here is the latest rocking video from Derek Buddemeyer featuring music recorded and produced on iPad. Derek used JamUp for the guitars, Alchemy mobile and Nanostudio for the synth and Beatmaker2 for the drumline. He did the mastering and mixing in Auria A sneak peak at a track that will be featured on my upcoming Rock On →

How to Record Audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus


Figuring out how to record audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus isn’t as obvious as it is with other apps. This is a quick tutorial showing how to record into the NanoStudio TRG. I used Alchemy as my input app. I hope this was helpful. 😀

NanoStudio Demo


Here is a demo of NanoStudio. This was my second time playing the app. Just messing around with recording loops and automating pad movements. Pretty cool stuff. Or visit the website: Blip Interactive