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M3000 Ultimate Edition – Omenie brings the complete mellotron experience to iPad


Omenie has recently released upon the iOS music community the ultimate mellotron collection. Aptly named the M3000 Ultimate Edition, this version of the app collects all of the previous versions and in-app purchases into one complete app. And if you’ve got the storage space and the dinero, the M3000 Ultimate Edition may be the last Rock On →

Jordantron review – New app from Jordan Rudess and Omenie


Jordantron is, as you may have guessed, the latest app from Jordan Rudess, the keyboardist from Dream Theater, and the man behind many iOS music apps. I’ve recently reviewed HarmonyWiz, which is a unique song generator app. Jordantron is a straight forward keyboard app, containing a complete set of his exclusive sounds. Developed for Wizdom Music by Rock On →