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apeDelay – Another great effects app by apeSoft


I’ve been a fan of apeSoft apps for quite some time now. Not only is there the “trio” of apps (iDensity, Stria, and iPulsaret) that were released a while ago, but the incredible iVCS3 synth. The iVCS3 is an amazing emulation of the classic (and rare) EMS VCS3 hardware synth. If developer Alessandro Petrolati has stopped Rock On →

Reverb – Feedback Delay Network app review – Another great effects app from Amazing Noises


Reverb. As we all know, it is short for reverberation. It also means “to verb again” (OK, that last one is not true). We all need a little reverb in our iOS music to simulate the natural occurrence of sounds reflecting off of surfaces in the real world. The new app Reverb – Feedback Delay Rock On →

Intro to AudioReverb


In this demo and review I show you a look into AudioReverb, a new reverb effect app by VirSyn. In this video I play a dry electric guitar into AudioReverb using Audiobus. This is a great sounding reverb app with a few nice features, such as a spectrum viewer and Virsyn’s usually beautiful graphics. Definitely Rock On →

Intro to AUFX:Space


In this review and demo i show you AUFX:Space, a new reverb app from Kymatica. Using Guitarism, I go through a bunch of the presets. This is a great sounding reverb app and with it’s affordable price and minimalist design it is something everyone could own and get use out of.