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GeoShred review – Wizdom Music and MoForte release a new “shred synth”


Wizdom Music, the developers known for Jordan Rudess apps like GeoSynthesizer and Jordantron, have teamed up with MoForte (makers of moForte Guitar), have recently released GeoShred for iPad. This app is like a cross between GeoSynthesizer and moForte Guitar, with many new features and sounds. Check out the excellent tutorial below for more: While the Rock On →

Poseidon Synth – A most excellent synth from VirSyn


VirSyn is one of the most well-known developers in the land of iOS. From incredible synths (Tera Synth, Cube Synth) to great effects app (AudioReverb, iVoxel), musicians know what to expect when they purchase a new VirSyn app. But, I’m not sure any of us expected the sounds that are coming out of Poseidon Synth, Rock On →

SilQ Equalizer – A new 32 band stereo equalizer app from the maker of Guitar Capo+


SilQ Equalizer was recently released for iPad, filling the void for equalizer apps on iOS. The developer behind SilQ is TonAppAs, who also brought us the excellent Guitar Capo+ guitar emulation. While there are a few equalizer apps available already on iOS (AUFX: PeakQ comes to mind), I do believe that none have the depth Rock On →

Video Review: BIAS FX by Positive Grid


Here is a quick video review and a bit of a tutorial of the new BIAS FX by Positive grid. In this video I talk about what I like about the app and show you how to do some stuff with it. I didn`t actually demo the sound at all this time, just talking but Rock On →

Limiter – A new app from Amazing Noises


The new app Limiter has just been released on the App Store. While this app is being sold under the developer Amazing Noises, it is a collaboration between Maurizio Giri (Amazing Noises) and Alessandro Petrolati (apeSoft). This was the same team that gave us the great GliderVerb app quite recently. Limiter serves a very simple purpose, Rock On →

Video: Album Review – Big Phoney by jjj w/ The Works + Remix Contest


There has been a lot of great music to come out of the iOS community but this is the first time it’s moved into AMAZING! I mean outside of already signed musicians using iPads like Jordan Rudess and nothing against any music already released. In my opinion this is a cut above the rest. As Rock On →

Stroke Machine gets a major update in Version 2.0


Stroke Machine, the drum and groove synthesizer from Wolfram Franke, just got a major update recently. Version 2.0 brings several new views to the app, along with MIDI enhancements and Audiobus 2 support. A recent update (2.0.1) brought some minor bug fixes. Originally released in late 2013, Stroke Machine received a lot of recognition, not Rock On →

WaveMapper review – A classic iOS synth from Wolfgang Palm


WaveMapper, from Wolfgang Palm, is one of those iOS synth apps that I had always been a little hesitant about. I wouldn’t say scared, but maybe intimidated. To begin with, it was created by Wolfgang Palm, who literally invented wavetable synthesis. And at the time, I knew nothing about sound synthesis. Sure, I knew a bit Rock On →

Mitosynth review – The new synth from Wooji Juice has arrived

Mitosynth icon 1024x1024

There has been a great deal of anticipation for Wooji Juice’s new synth, Mitosynth. I’ve had the chance to test-drive it for the last few days, and I can say that it has been worth the wait. Mitosynth is a hybrid additive/wavetable synth, and is meant for sonic manipulation. Much like another Wooji Juice synth, Rock On →

TC-Data – A MIDI and OSC controller…from the future


Bit Shape has released a new app called TC-Data, which is a fully programmable MIDI and OSC controller. If you are familiar with TC-11, this app will look very familiar. A couple of things to get out of the way: TC-Data is a controller, and makes no sounds of its own. It is not a Rock On →