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WorldScales review – An instrument that breaks free of equal tempered scales


In the world of iOS music apps, there are many keyboard-based apps to choose from. Many of these piano emulations and synths offer a wide range of scales. But, even with all of these choices, almost all of these are locked into the “Western tuning”, with no flexibility for including micro-tonality. WorldScales from Kelfar Technologies allows you to Rock On →

HarmonyWiz review – New app from Jordan Rudess


Wizdom Music, the developers behind SampleWiz, SpaceWiz, MorphWiz, and Geo Synthesizer among others, have just released their newest app, HarmonyWiz. Harmony Wiz is a “harmonic generator”, that builds entire multi-part accompaniments by way of several input options. The stated aim of this app is to provide an app that is both “entertaining and fun for all Rock On →

Final Touch review – Mastering app from Positive Grid


Positive Grid has been involved in iOS music apps for a while now, with the emphasis up until now being on guitar-based apps. JamUp is one of the premier guitar effects simulators, and their recent app BIAS was revolutionary in its ability to custom design guitar amps (both apps are highly recommended). But Positive Grid looked Rock On →

Sequential for iPad – Step sequenced effect processor


Earlier this year, Sinevibes ported over their multi-effects sequencer Sequential to the iPad. Sequential features an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to choose from 11 effects to be applied to your loops. The obvious use for this would be for drum loops, but as I’ll show you below, it can also be used on toned instruments as Rock On →

Chord Organ and Kinderklavier review – Two retro apps from SMG


Lately it seems, in the world of iOS music apps, the motto has become “bigger is better”. Korg Gadget boasts 15 synths, Thor ships with over 1,000 presets, and Z3TA+ comes equipped with 6 oscillators and 6 LFO’s. But Chord Organ and Kinderklavier, two apps from SMG Media, go the opposite way. These apps are Rock On →

Voco gets an update – Audiobus, Audiocopy and Universal


Recently I wrote about an update to Strange Attractor from Jonathan Mackenzie. That update brought Audiobus compatibility, AudioCopy and Universal functionality. Thankfully, Jonathan has just updated Voco, another one of his apps. The updates are similar to the Strange Attractor updates, and may make Voco a viable option for your workflow. Voco is described as Rock On →

Strange Attractor gets an update – Audiobus, AudioCopy and Universal


Strange Attractor was originally released in 2012, and received some buzz due to the “novel” nature of its sound. But unfortunately, the app was limited by lack of input options. So, as with many promising apps (I’m looking at you, Borderlands Granular), this app seemed like a “not quite yet” app. Thankfully, a recent update Rock On →

Intro to DrumKick


In this review I demo DrumKick. DrumKick is a live performance drummer app. At this current time playing this app live is it’s only usable purpose. I recommend picking up a couple stylus pens to use as drum sticks, works great!