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Rude Duke – Men Are From The Moon


Here is another Great Song by Rude Duke. I’m a big fan of echoed vocals. 😀 Yes, we men are from the moon, but still, are we that strange? are we that peculiar? Is the distance to Venus that great? Written by Guy Mauseth Lyrics by Guy Mauseth Evnagelos Koudonas: Guitars and vocals Guy Mauseth: Rock On →

Rude Duke – Lonely Fire


Rude Duke is: Evangelos Koudonas, Greece: Guitars, vocals and various virtual instruments such as synth, drums, piano. Guy Mauseth (Duke21), Norway: Bass and various virtual instruments such as synth, drums etc. All virtual instruments are played on iPad/ iPhone using the following apps: Jamup XT Pro (amp and effect processor for guitar and bass) GarageBand, Rock On →