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midiSequencer gets a big update – Now universal, as well as some other goodies


A big update to midiSequencer just hit the App Store today, and it’s a beauty. The app is now universal, so you can use your iPhone to trigger either iOS synths or external hardware synths. There are not a lot of step sequencers for the iPhone, so this is a very welcome update! The app Rock On →

midiSTEPs – The new MIDI step sequencer from developer Art Kerns


After releasing midiLFOs in July of 2015 (review here), developer Art Kerns has released the another in his series of MIDI apps, called midiSTEPs. As the name implies, this app is a step sequencer app that sends MIDI out to your iOS and external synths. Check out the video below. As you can see from Rock On →

Disco Fingers app review – A fun, creative, and easy-to-use app for everyone


Growing up, I had no musical training at all. No piano lessons, only public school music classes. I tried drums in 4th grade, but got bored with only playing quarter notes on a snare drum with that big rubber damper on it. I first started playing guitar at age 16. A jazz bassist friend had a Rock On →

B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro – A deep sequencer from Monoplugs

screen480x480 (7)

Monoplugs has recently released their new app, B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro. This new version of their sequencer keeps a lot of the previous version in tact, but adds some great features. If you’re a fan of step sequencers, you likely already have a few on your iPad. As I’m both a fan of step sequencers, and Rock On →