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Voice Jam Studio sponsored contest – Win pro audio gear from TC-Helicon and TC Electronic


I have previously reviewed Voice Jam Studio by TC-Helicon, which is an effects app combined with a looper and video recording capabilities. It’s got all of the great effects from TC-Helicon that you’d expect, plus some pretty smart looping features. So, here’s some pretty exciting news. TC-Helicon is giving away $12,000 worth of pro audio gear Rock On →

Voice Rack: FX – A new(ish) voice effects app from TC-Helicon


TC-Helicon has released a new app called Voice Rack: FX. The app is a “stripped down” version of the previously released Voice Jam Studio app, which I reviewed back in November. When I say “stripped down”, this doesn’t mean that Voice Rack: FX is a “lite” version of Voice Jam Studio. This new app is Rock On →

Voice Jam Studio – A new voice looper app from TC-Helicon


TC-Helicon, known for their wide range of products for vocalists, has released their new app for iPad, called Voice Jam Studio. The app is aimed at vocalists who are looking to create loop-based tracks, but can also be used by other musicians for their looping needs. As you can see from the demo video above, Rock On →