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Refractions & Echoes – New album from Adam Matza


Musician Adam Matza has just released his new album titled “Refractions & Echoes” today. Check out the album at The album was created entirely on an iPad, using Animoog, Alchemy Mobile, iVCS3, Thor and Magellan, with some effects added from Filtratron and the AUFX suite of apps (Dub, Space, and PeakQ). Adam recorded these six Rock On →

Guitarism controlling Nave and Thor – Improv Jam


In this quick video I use Guitarism to have a little improv jam with Nave and Thor at the Same time. I used one of Thor’s main presets and for Nave I made my own custom guitar patch. This is the first time I have attempted to use the Chord pads to do a “solo” Rock On →

Musix Pro as a MIDI controller


In this demo I wanted to show off Musix Pro because I think it’s very under rated. This is an app I use in a lot of my songs but I never hear anyone else talk about it. In this video I control iGrand and then switch over to Thor and use two of the Rock On →