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All-in-one mobile app roundup – A look at four great “on-the-go” iOS music apps

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This is the review that I never would have been able to write a few short years ago. First, before the invention of the iPhone, obviously this would not have been possible. Secondly, I’ve never been much of a fan of dance/EDM/electronic music. I grew up on Classic Rock and Metal. Give me “Back in Rock On →

triqtraq gets a big update – now Universal!


The app triqtraq, a “jam sequencer” groovebox from Zaplin Music, has been around since 2012 on the iPhone. But just recently it was updated to be universal, as well as getting Audiobus 2, IAA support and iOS 8 support. That’s the kind of update that is going to get some attention. It got mine. I should Rock On →