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Video: Jam Maestro Midi and IAA tutorial

Jam Maestro - thumb tamp2

In this video I show how to use Jam Maestro as a MIDI controller and how to use IAA. It’s pretty cool as you are able to sturm, solo, sequence or even play two apps at once. I used Tera Synth and Animoog to show the midi and DM-1 for the IAA. For some reason Rock On →

Video: Intro to Oscilab


In this video I give a quick tutorial on how to get started with Oscilab. I go over a lot of the main features and show you how to get started. Promo Code Give Away: Want Oscilab for free? Hell yeah you do. The guys at 2beats have given us a code to give away Rock On →

Guitarism – How to use the looper


In this quick tutorial I show how to use the looper function in Guitarism. Unlike other loopers there is no start and stop functions. An awesome way to audition effects and even useful in a song or live performance.

Official: Echo Pad – Multi Tap + Various other features explained


This is an official video for EchoPad. In this video they walkthrough the Multi Tap feature as well as a lot of the features added in this update.

Official: Jam Maestro – Advanced Tab Tips


This is an official tutorial video for Jam Maestro. “Advanced Tab Tips”

Official: Jam Maestro – Guitar Tutorial


This is an official tutorial video of Jam Maestro. “Guitar Tutorial”

BeatMaker2: Learning about the Keyboard Sampler


In this video I show you all about the BeatMaker2 Keyboard Sampler. The Keyboard Sampler is a great tool for iOS especially when it comes to making drum kits. I show how to import your own samples or use the default ones to make interesting sounds using the layer function and various parameters.

BeatMaker2: How to split a sample to the drum pads, the easy way!


In this video I show the easy way to split up a long sample or full song and assign all the clips to the drum pads. This is really easy way to do this compared to my old method of using the timeline and exporting a bunch of waves and then adding them manually. Pretty Rock On →

Cubasis: Syncing Audio with Virtual MIDI and Audiobus


In this tutorial I show how to record live midi loops, edit them and send them to other apps on iOS, then sync the audio back into Cubasis with the use of Audiobus. This all works a lot like it does on a desktop DAW with MIDI and VST’s but all on iPad. In this Rock On →

How to Record Audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus


Figuring out how to record audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus isn’t as obvious as it is with other apps. This is a quick tutorial showing how to record into the NanoStudio TRG. I used Alchemy as my input app. I hope this was helpful. 😀