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Audulus 3 has arrived – The massive modular synth app is here


If you’re familiar with modular synths, you’re no doubt familiar with Audulus. It is a massive modular synth app that is universal to both iPhone and iPad, but also Mac (and coming soon to Windows). The newest version of the app has just been released today, called Audulus 3. Check out the launch video: Here’s just Rock On →

Waay: Music theory that matters gets an update – Now universal!


Waay: Music theory that matters just got updated for iPhone today. This app, from developer Ten Kettles, is a great music theory app for both beginners and more experienced musicians. I did a review of the app when it launched for iPad (review here), and I really dig it. Here’s a look at their promo video: Rock On →

FieldScaper from Igor Vasiliev – A field recorder app with twisted possibilities


Developer Igor Vasiliev has just dropped another “far out” app into the iOS world with his latest app, FieldScaper. This universal app serves as both a field recorder, and a soundscaper. Check out the overview video below: Per Igor’s website, the purpose of FieldScaper is “to shorten the way from recording samples to create spectacular Rock On →

Steel Guitar 2.0 – a big, big update from Yonac


Steel Guitar, the (obviously) steel guitar emulation from Yonac, just got a massive update with Version 2.0. It’s essentially a brand new app (but a free update to previous users). Completely overhauled is the sound and interface, with loads of new guitars, effects and amps. Check out this fantastic demo. I’m a guitarist, and I’ve Rock On →