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AudioShare gets an update…but read this first BEFORE updating!


The indispensable AudioShare app has just been updated, but I suggest reading the update notes first! Developer Jonatan Liljedahl gave users a heads-up in advance, that Apple has required him to remove the web browser functionality from AudioShare. This means that if you use AudioShare to download free user-created presets or samples, you will no Rock On →

Patterning by Olympia Noise Co. gets a great new update


I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Patterning, the great drum app from Olympia Noise Co. Released in August (read my review here), the app has just been updated to Version 1.0.4 today. Here’s a look at the updates: What’s New in Version 1.0.4 Important! Patterning will update the database on first launch. This may Rock On →

Jam Maestro gets a big update in Version 3.2!


Jam Maestro by developer David Blake is an app that we’ve featured here quite a bit on iOS MARS. Both Ryan and myself are primarily guitarists, and this app is brilliant. I’m a self-taught guitarist who primarily learned how to play by reading as many Guitar World and GFTPM tab magazines as I could get Rock On →

Elastic Drums gets another big update in Version 1.6


Elastic Drums, the fantastic drum synthesizer app from Oliver Greschke and MoM Instruments, just keeps on getting better and better. Today saw an app update to Version 1.6, which brings many new features, including Audiobus Remote compatibility, as well new bass and drone synths, and an entirely new Jam Screen. Check out the video from Rock On →

Diode-108 gets a sweet new update – Advanced FX and more!


I’ve previously written about Diode-108, the excellent drum sequencer app from Vibrant Digital Engineering here and here. It’s a fantastic sequencer, full of samples that range from classic 808/909 sounds, more exotic electronic sounds, and even some impressive rock/acoustic kits. The app just got a nice update today, which added Advanced FX Mode, which allows you to add Rock On →

Borderlands Granular update will be released March 30th


Yes, it is true. The long-awaited, highly-anticipated update to Borderlands Granular will be released March 30th. While it may have been a long time coming, it is definitely worth the wait. Check out the demo video below for a teaser: New features include Audiobus compatibility, “Open In” functionality from Audioshare, Inter-App Audio (IAA) instrument, scene Rock On →

Jam Maestro gets a big update!


Jam Maestro, one of my favorite guitar apps, just keeps getting better. Today brings us an update to Version 3.1, which brings these great new features: – Export tabs to PDF/TXT file! – Export to midi file. – Import any midi file as guitar tab. – New strum speed panel, ability to precisely set the Rock On →

MicSwap Pro gets an update – Now Audiobus and IAA compatible


I recently reviewed MicSwap and MicSwap Pro, a microphone emulation app that simulates different microphones. That review can be found here. In that review, I mentioned that I thought the app was a great entry into the iOS marketplace, as there really aren’t any mic sims available other than MicSwap. One of the others things Rock On →

GuitarCapo + goes big in Version 3.0


While many in the iOS music community has been anxiously awaiting the Black Friday app sales, some iOS music developers have been busy making some massive updates to their apps. Ondes from Olympia Noise Co. recently added some great new features in Version 1.1. Adam Kumpf basically doubled the awesomeness of Fiddlewax Pro in his Rock On →

Fiddlewax Pro version 2.0 hits the App Store with some big new features


I recently reviewed Fiddlewax Pro by developer Adam Kumpf. I was very impressed with the app at the time. I also had mentioned how active Adam had been within the community, specifically over on the Audiobus forums. A lot of users provided some great feature suggestions, and it is clear that he was listening. Version Rock On →