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Auria and Auria LE are on sale!


Well, I don’t usually post sale information but Auria is an expensive app as far as apps go and this is the first time i have seen it on sale. Auria is regular $50 marked down to $25. Auria LE is also on sale at 50% off also. I’m not sure of the duration of Rock On →

Auria into Auria Part2: Live monitoring using subgroups and I/O Matrix


This tutorial is part 2 of how to record Auria into Auria using Audiobus. This time I show you a slightly more advanced but ultimately better way of recording Auria into Auria. Using subgroups you can live monitor you effects processing as they record. As Doug showed you how to record audio from the same Rock On →

Recording Auria into Auria using Audiobus


Here is a quick tutorial on Using Audiobus to record Auria into Auria with Ampkit as an effect. I also touch on creating a loop, using snap functions, and recording guitar through an Apogee Jam Digital Audio interface. In a future tutorial I plan on showing how to do some live effects mixing from Auria Rock On →

Intro to Auria: Recording audio using Audiobus


In this tutorial I go over some of the basic features of Auria and some of it’s limitations. Setting Tempo, Transport options, Audio Paste, etc.. Then I show how to record audio into Auria using Audiobus. I start off recording Animoog and then add to it by using Guitarism as a midi controller for iGrand. Rock On →